Star Communications designs and manufactures high-speed signal processing equipment that is easily accessed from a customer's own computer system.  Our equipment provides an advanced starting point for development projects by end users and OEMs with budget and schedule constraints.  Each product comes standard with all the hardware, firmware, and software you need to "plug and play" in your host computer on the day you receive it.  Simple, intuitive application programming interfaces (API) are provided.  These capabilities allow your development project to begin immediately, freeing you to focus on the functions and capabilities that your customers need. 


     Star Communications was established in 1997, and is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Star is a member of the PCI Special Interest Group, which maintains and publishes the PCITM and PCI Express® standards.  All of Star's products utilize Virtex® field programmable gate arrays manufactured by Xilinx, Inc.  Receivers are designed with A/D converters manufactured by Analog Devices, Inc.  Star's products include software drivers developed using Red Hat® Linux, and tested using ProLiant servers from Hewlett Packard.  All of Star's products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


     PCI, PCI Express, and PCI-SIG are registered trademarks of PCI-SIG.  Virtex is a registered trademark of Xilinx, Inc.  Red Hat is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc.