Virtex-7 PCIe digital receivers - for satellite, cellular, microwave, radar, ...


Measuring less than 6.6 x 4.4 x 0.8 inches, PVP-7 digital receiver cards weigh less than 10.8 ounces.  Depending on configuration, power consumption is 50W - 125W.

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These cards are the most powerful COTS digital receivers available in the world today.  A single card can process thousands of channels simultaneously.



Card is scalable from 0-4 receivers and 1-4 FPGA processors.  You can combine multiple requirements and multiple bands in a single system, and only pay for what you need.


Easy To Use.

Installs in your PC or server in minutes.  Simple, intuitive API.  Online documentation and driver downloads.  Free training and technical support. 


Virtex-7 PCI Express Digital Receivers

     These small, powerful digital receivers provide up to four channels of digitized data to the onboard FPGA processors.  Based on the latest Virtex-7 technology from Xilinx, Inc., the PVP-7xx family of single-board products are ready to help you tackle today's complex systems.

New Product:  PCA-7 Computing Accelerators

     Need to boost performance?  PCA-7 cards are the most powerful accelerator cards available today.  They make it easy to offload your software-intensive application to field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology.  For details, see the "Products" tab, above.

Selects PVP-7

     COTS Journal has selected the PVP-7 card as its winning A-D conversion product, based on design innovation, technology leadership, and market relevance.  See "Jeff's Picks" beginning on page 20 of the April 2017 issue.  Click here:                                 COTS Journal April 2017 Issue

Left photo:  Madley satellite earth station, U.K.  Copyright Philip Halling.     Right photo:  AN/TPS-59 missile defense radar.  Photo credit:  U.S. Marine Corps