Network Security

  To increase network security, networks are often divided into different security domains.  Cross-domain equipment enforces domain separation, while still allowing appropriate traffic to cross domain boundaries.


   Although simple in concept, domain separation can be challenging to implement.  Achieving the best security requires deep packet inspection, along with complex rules for flagging and filtering, which may also evolve in real time.  In contrast, shallow inspection allows greater throughput, and simpler, more static rules require less processing.  Tradeoffs like these can quickly become compromises when dealing with the high-speed links common in today's networks, such as 10GigE.


   The solution?  A programmable computing accelerator (PCA) card from Star Communications.  Our PCI Express® cards provide more raw processing power per dollar, per watt, per pound, and per cubic inch than any other product available today.  Up to four FPGA processing elements can be easily accessed from your host computer, using DMA via the PCI Express® bus. 


  With processing power like this, you can perform high-speed packet inspection, simple or complex filtering algorithms, and encryption and decryption in real time, even on 10GigE links.  So get a PCA card from Star Communications, and start eliminating bottlenecks and compromises today!