Now you can add digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities to your network management system quickly and easily!  Our small, board-level products save you money, power, and space, by installing directly in PC or server equipment.  A stream of digitized samples is automatically generated by each receiver, and continuously updated in your host computer's memory, using direct memory access (DMA). 


     Using the sample stream, you can program DSP applications ranging from simple to complex, right on your host computer.  For example, adding FFT code to your host will convert the sample stream into a spectrum that you can display.  Any level of sophistication is possible, limited only by your imagination and your host computer's performance.


     In addition to programming the host computer, you can also re-program the FPGA processors on your card, if desired.  Using a standard tool purchased from Xilinx, Inc. you can access an extensive library of signal processing algorithms, including summers, splitters, mixers, modulators, encoders, decoders, FFTs, and filters of many kinds.  Even more algorithms are available from Xilinx's third-party network.  And Star offers application engineering services to tailor FPGA processing to your needs.  Using FPGA-based processing, you can process hundreds or even thousands of channels in real time, depending on your application.


     Digital receiver cards are scalable from 0-4 receivers and 1-4 FPGA processors.  You select the band to be sampled by each receiver by filtering its input.  This allows you to interface at 70 MHz, 140 MHz, and even RF (up to 700 MHz), or any combination of these using a single card.  The RF-agnostic interfacing allows you to easily combine multiple bands in one system.  And the product's scalability ensures you only pay for what you need.