With complex new cellular, satellite, and microwave systems proliferating more rapidly than ever, surveillance equipment today needs serious computing power.  The new PVP-7xx  digital receivers from Star Communications deliver! 


     Ideal for any surveillance need, these small, board-level products are scalable for applications ranging from simple spectrum scanning, to complex signal identification and typing, to the most demanding full-stare demodulation and decoding applications anywhere.  A fully-configured card is capable of executing more than 6 Tera MACS/second, making it the most powerful COTS digital receiver available today.


     Using the latest Virtex-7 technology from Xilinx, Inc., each card provides up to four field programmable gate array (FPGA) devices.  Each of the XC7VX485T devices used contains 75900 slices, 2800 DSPs, and 2060 block RAMs of 18K bits each.  Each DSP slice contains a pre-adder, 25x18 multiplier, adder, and accumulator, and can be clocked up to 547 MHz.


     Cards are available in single- or multiple-receiver configurations.  Up to four receivers can be provided, allowing you to support direction finding, multiple polarizations, or multiple RF bands, all on a single card.  The use of Xilinx's standard toolset allows you to port legacy VHDL or Verilog code from older Xilinx FPGA's to the new platform with a minimum of time and effort.