The Virtex® Advantage

Virtex® is a registered trademark of Xilinx, Inc.   Their Virtex series of field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) is extensive, beginning with the original Virtex devices in 1998.  Since then, Xilinx has fielded the Virtex-II, Virtex-II Pro, Virtex-4, Virtex-5, Virtex-6, and Virtex-7 families.  Each family contains numerous individual devices, with a common architecture but varying amounts of FPGA resources.  By offering various configurations, Xilinx allows their customers to choose the resource combination that best fits their applications. 

Xilinx has been a leader in the programmable logic market since its inception in 1984.  Today Xilinx customers represent over half of the programmable logic market, while sales for the company top $2 billion annually.  For more details on the company and its products, see their website at