PVP-7 Cards Are Affordable.

Scalability makes PVP cards affordable because you only pay for the resources you need.  But in addition, these cards reduce total program cost, by leveraging software and firmware development budgets in three ways. 

Scale Agnostic.  Supports simple applications using 1 receiver and 1 FPGA, as well as high-end systems with 16 cards and 64 channels that fits in a 4U, 19" rack-mount configuration.  A single product can support your application no matter how large or small!

RF Agnostic.  The intermediate frequency (IF) receiver design is radio frequency (RF) agnostic.  This allows you to field multi-band or multi-polarization systems with only a single card!  You can combine satellite, cellular, microwave, H/V/UHF, and other frequency bands all in one card or one system. 

Application Agnostic.  The FPGA processing elements are application agnostic.  In one FPGA you can combine applications as diverse as network security, cyber warfare, and cryptography, either with or instead of signal processing applications like radar, EW, and communications.


In summary, these universal cards provide a common architecture across all your projects and programs.  So, software or firmware developed for one application can be used on another with no additional development cost!