PVP-7 Cards Are Easy-To-Use.

PVP cards install in any PC or server in minutes.  The application programming interface (API) is simple and intuitive.  All documentation and software downloads are available on our website.  PVP cards reduce total program costs because they are easy to use.  On the front end of your project, they offload critical development personnel by eliminating steep learning curves.  Each PVP card comes with a royalty-free Software Development Kit (SDK) that features simple, intuitive application programming interfaces.  Full user documentation is available online.  The SDK comes with comprehensive, working code examples that leave nothing to the imagination, and give the development effort a leg up.

PVP cards also come with unlimited technical support, by telephone and email, for the life of the product, at no additional charge.  Training is available at your facility, anywhere in the continental U.S.  Interested customers can also purchase a pre-configured Desktop Application Development System that comes with your PVP card pre-installed, along with the operating system, tools, and all device drivers.  For customers who want to augment their staff we offer application engineering support on a time and materials basis, where our FPGA expert works directly with your staff.